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Services Available

Autosport Dynamics is dedicated to race car fabrication, preparation, planning, and product development. Autosport Dynamics, better known as ASD, has been building and preparing race cars since the 80's. Our team of dedicated professionals have built and prepared cars for professional racing teams, club racing events, and drivers education events.

Many professional teams rely on ASD for complete conversions of new showroom stock vehicles into race ready and rule conforming race cars. No matter what make and model or what level of track experience you are looking for, ASD can put you in the drivers seat


Product Development
- It's our specialty! We specialize in manufacturing products and can custom tailor a program to suit your needs. We have access to everything in house to design, develop, manufacturer and even trademark your product!

- We have some of the best fabricators in the racing industry. They have had experience in just about every form of racing known on earth. You can rest assured that we can handle any type of fabrication needed for your car build.

Chassis Prep
- New to racing or just can't seem to get your race car to work like you want it to? We can help! We have a staff of highly experienced fabricators and engineers that can plan and execute your car setup and deliver to your car ready to take a charge at the podium.


Race Car Builds - Want to get into racing, and can't build your car to spec? Want a solution for a current race program? Talk to us. We have all the right people in place already so you save time and money with your build. You don't need to find a system engineer, suspension engineer, fabricator, paint/body guy etc. We have them all, and they are ready to start on your car build!

Engine Building - We offer a comprehensive selection of racing engines for every type of racing there is. Tell us your needs and we can help. We have experience in everything from NASCAR engines to rotary drift car engines. We can literally build you any type of engine for any racing body there is, and at a price that is competitive.

Custom Components
We can build you anything for your car from suspension arms to roll cages. We offer everything you can think of. We have been making parts of every nature for almost every type of car there is out there! Control arms, sway bars, custom transmission and quick change rear ends, you name it and we can do it.

3D CAD Modeling and Simulations
- We have been utilizing 3D CAD software for over ten years. Solidworks 2008 3D Solid Modeling software enables us to reduce initial design concept to manufacturing times, while providing engineering design capability and simulations for our race programs. Everything from 3D parts design to component stress analysis.


Engine Management / Data Acquisition- We are authorized Motec Engine Management dealers, and can provide everything from wiring harness design to complete installation of engine management and data acquisition. We believe that there is nothing below MoTeC that is good enough for our customers.


Systems Engineering - We have a full time staff fully capable of designing, drawing and building your wiring harness or plumbing system. It doesn't matter what you have, we can plumb or wire it. We only use the best materials in everything we build, including Raychem shrink tubing, MIL-SPEC wire, DT and DTM Deutsch connectors, and ITT Cannon plugs.



Automotive Product Manufacturing - We have the ability to design and manufacturer any parts you might want to sell to your customers. We have worked closely with OEM's in the past, and can take your idea or even current product, improve it and make it a reality! No job is too big!